Captivate yourself

Allow yourself to be consumed by God’s great love and character. Journey In Finding God encourages the young generation and people of all ages to discover their passion and true identity in Christ.

The Last Mile

Holding on to Your promisesAs i am entering the promise landMy pace increasesWhile i’m runningI’m transitioningMounting up with wings as an eagleMy way is pavedObstacles have to accomodate Your willIt only required for me to take the first stepA new season is awaiting full of challengesI’ve already overcameSetting my eyes forwardWith an eagles visionNew shifts, … Continue reading The Last Mile


How you wait for me to awake at the breeze of morning.New grace, new hopeAwaiting at my doorstep each morning.My buckets are overflowing.Is there someone i can pour out to?Your glorious creation brings peace to my inner being.This time im awake before the chirping of birds.To experience the prompting of the Holy Spirit is my … Continue reading Adoration


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